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It’s hard to believe that we have been making and selling the Waterbridge Plate Warmer for over 20 years! Time has simply flown by!
Our customers have been wonderful to us and I’m always grateful for hearing your stories…. “I grew up with a plate warmer at home”, “My Mom has a plate warmer, now I need one”, “Dad always wanted his plates warm”, “I have been looking around for this for years, we always had one on the table”. 

Every year I share several laughs with a few customers because often we know there’s been recent dinner party in the neighborhood when a few days later, we start to receive orders from within the same zip code area!  It’s always nice to know how you found us and what our product means to you. 

Thank you so much for the past 20 years, for supporting our family business and for sharing our Waterbridge Plate Warmer with your family and friends!


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North America Warms Up to an Old Tradition
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Warming Touch

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments about our Waterbridge Plate Warmers. We are really thrilled about the new plate warmer patterns we are introducing this season and the great quality slip covers that our local seamstresses continue to make for us! If there is a color or a pattern you would like to see please let me know.

A funny story...we can almost surely tell when someone is having a dinner party and using the Waterbridge Plate Warmer because within a few days, we start to receive Waterbridge Plate Warmer orders from the same zip / postal code area! We really appreciate all your referrals...thank you.

Our family is sprouting...the kids are no longer "kids". Our eldest son is going to college and wants to be an entrepreneur, our daughter is taking a year off and has two part-time jobs...hoping to travel later this year and our youngest son, who is now 16, works part-time and is into fitness and reading...who would have thought!

It's a fun journey and we are grateful for each day.

Warm regards,


We were in Maine last summer and came across some beautiful water color paintings which inspired us to add three new theme patterns of sea shells from the beach, sailboats and wild roses to our collection of plate warmers. Our kids first thought that we were "pushing the envelope" until they saw the how the imagery just comes to life on these new Waterbridge Plate Warmers. (We are a little plate warmer crazy!) I hope you like our quality selection.

Our home based business continues to growth at a comfortable pace. This is our eleventh year manufacturing the Waterbridge Plate Warmer. Stephanie, who has been helping us pack and ship orders on a part-time basis for the past few years, is more involved in the business and works with our part-time students who help out during the Christmas season. Our teenage kids have little interest in helping out these days....they want a real part-time job!

We are blessed to have this small business and very grateful for the word of mouth advertising we continue to receive from you.

Best wishes for the season,


Gifts for Cooks (Julian Armstrong, Montreal Gazette, December 10, 2008)

Platewarmer Featured in Montreal Gazette

The best part of what we do is having fun with all the different quality patterns that are available and helping individuals and corporations customize the look of their plate warmers. Who would have guessed!!

We are very excited about our new patterns and themes for this Fall! The American heritage landmarks, golf and horse themes, add spice to this years collection! Thanks to your feedback, we have also introduced a few new brighter patterns. I hope you like our quality selection.

Our home-based business continues to grow. Our children are in their early teen years and still help pack orders albeit this is the last thing they want to be doing these days! Our youngest still likes to see the orders come in over the Internet and is amazed at how this all works. We continue to hire a few students from the local college each year to help us during the Christmas season.

It’s hard to believe we are into our tenth year. I can’t help but think of how lucky we are to have your continued support for our product.

With sincere thanks and best wishes for the season,


September 2007 – Waterbridge Inc.

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO - "It's about keeping costs in line with seasonal sales, streamlining our processes and providing hands on customer service," says Suzanne Keating co-founder of Waterbridge Inc., the ten year old Oakville Ontario Company that manufactures and markets the Waterbridge Plate Warmer to consumers and specialty retailers.

Keating's husband first got the idea for the Waterbridge Plate Warmer after his Mother-in-law commented one Christmas that she would like to find an easy and safe way to heat up her plates versus putting them in the oven. His Mother used such a product to heat up her dinner plates on Sunday nights back in 1960's in Montreal. Keating found a quality supplier for the heating elements then remodelled the product to enhance its functionality and fashion appeal. Waterbridge initially launched the plate warmer under a licensing agreement with Royal Doulton then expanded the selection of patterns under its own Waterbridge label.

The Waterbridge Plate Warmer is a thermostatically controlled electric heating pad that warms up to 15 plates at a time to a hot comfortable temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and safely sits on any tabletop surface. The Waterbridge Plate Warmer is available in decorative Waverly® patterns.

"There are thousands of women across Canada and the U.S who during the 50's and 60's received a plate warmer as a bridal gift or a wedding present. We continually hear stories from customers who rekindle fond memories of their Mother using a plate warmer to heat plates at the dining room table before serving dinner. For many, it s an attachment to a family tradition" says Keating.

Plate Warmers are a passion for Keating, who continues to hold down a full time career while spending as much free time as possible managing Waterbridge's business, speaking to customers, and looking for new distribution.

"We are under the radar screen...yet word of mouth, the Internet and superior customer service has built our business. We have sent plate warmers all over North yachters off the coast of Florida...private jet owners looking to add some onboard elegance to their dining experience...a midwinter hot tub party in Sun Valley and of course, to our traditional and dedicated customers who are looking to share this unique gift giving product with others. Our basement is getting busy again for the upcoming Christmas season!" says Keating.

August 2006 – Homestyle Magazine – The Casual Table

The Waterbridge Plate Warmer will be available in several new patterns. In addition to the current selection of over six patterns, the Waverly Heritage collection will feature three solid patterns of Gilt, Olive and Butter Cream colour tones, each made of 100% cotton. Ideal for formal dinner parties or a family meal, the plate warmer is a tabletop heating pad that heats up to 15 plates to a comfortable temperature of 150°F within 30 minutes. It will not discolour or crack plates.

November 2005 – The White House Receives a Unique Gift

Waterbridge Inc. has introduced a limited edition Plate Warmer for this Christmas season called Heritage Landmarks that proudly features a gentle collage of historical American scenic landmarks silhouetted in navy on weighted woven 100% cotton beige Waverly® fabric. Waterbridge donated two Heritage Landmark plate warmers to the White House as an early Christmas Gift!

Only twenty of this one of a kind Waterbridge Plate Warmers will be available this season and will be reintroduced next Fall for Christmas 2006.

Thank you for visiting our new online catalogue site. I am really pleased to be able to show you our beautiful Plate Warmer patterns in this easy to follow format.

We have built our home business with the continued support of our independent retail partners who have been bringing the Plate Warmer into their local community for many years. I encourage you to visit and support your local gourmet and gift store. We hope to have a list of retailers up on our site in the near future.

The Plate Warmers have been a part of our family life for many years. All of our children have grown up watching us with friends assemble and quality control each product…Thank to you, they have received early instruction on Small Business 101 right from home!

I am always interested in your comments and feedback on our product and patterns. I hope you enjoy years of serving warm plates on every occasion.


North America Warms Up to an Old Tradition
Waterbridge™ Markets Plate Warmers

June 1998 – Waterbridge Inc.

TORONTO - Traditionally there were certain household items coveted by the wealthy as status symbols. The functional plate warmer was one of these luxuries. The original plate warmer was designed in France in the late 1940's and manufactured in the State of New York. Its popularity grew when word spread that every Christmas, King George the sixth requested hundreds of plate warmers as Royal Christmas gifts. His gifts traveled to the shores of North America where this serving tradition was born.

It later became chic among the Hollywood set to have a plate warmer at barbecues. Over time the plate warmer was a mainstay item for several high-end catalog houses.

This Spring, North Americans will be able to continue this tradition when Waterbridge of Ontario, Canada brings the Waterbridge Plate Warmer to stores across Canada and the United States.

"I first got the idea for manufacturing and marketing the plate warmer when a relative had asked last Christmas where she might find something to warm-up plates" says Suzanne Keating.

The Waterbridge Plate Warmer is a heating pad controlled by a thermostat that slowly heats up to fifteen plates in approximately 25 minutes to a comfortable temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

"A primary rule in culinary art is that hot food must be served on hot plates. When food cools off it begins to set. Its appearance becomes less attractive and appealing to the eye and flavor is not accented to its full height." Says well-known chef Ron Kaleniuk, author of the best selling Simply Delicious Cooking Series.

The plate warmer can be used with all fine bone china, patterned, metal based trim, glass and ceramic plates. The Waterbridge Plate Warmer features a protective insulating pad that enables the warming pad to sit on any counter top including the dining room table.

The Waterbridge Plate Warmer's stain guarded slipcover is easy to remove and available in assorted styles and fabrics including Waverly .

Waterbridge is an Ontario Canada based company founded in 1994 to develop and market household specialty products.

September 1998 – Canadian Living


"Keep hot foods hot with the Waterbridge Plate Warmer. An attractive addition to any table, this plate warmer is a heating pad controlled by thermostats that warms 10 to 15 plates in 30 minutes and comes in a variety of styles and colors."

Homestyle Trends
September 1998

November 1998 – Homestyle Trends

"Add a warm, elegant touch to any meal, whether it's a special occasion or a family dinner, with this classic Royal Doulton Plate Warmer. Thermostatically controlled heating pad covered in a stylish cotton slipcover heats up to 15 plates. Perfect for entertaining. Will not discolor or crack your plates."
Canadian Living Magazine
November 1998

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